skype, tango, viber, whatsapp application for Samsung galaxy S4

Some famous applications and game for newly released stylish looking and well featured Samsung Galaxy S4. As you know S4 is launching in New York on March 14 (2013). One of happiest thing I want considers in this occasion, Samsung Galaxy S4 is not much different than last released S version Galaxy S3.
 Buying a Smartphone is not a big deal, and it is important to note the features included by the brands.

Even I too purchased Samsung Galaxy S3 which has extraordinary features, that don’t get bored after many use. In this blog I have listed some top application for new member of Samsung Smartphone. This application is not only for S4 and it included other released handset before.
Now-a-days people mainly impressed about supported application. Some Top level applications are given below.   
·         WhatsApp messenger application for Galaxy S4: WhatsApp messenger for Samsung Galaxy S4, you will get more excitement in this apps. Application provides you to share photos, video, music or audio files and friends can view it through fast download. This application doesn’t supports in all device, some top level handset can use (as stated in Samsung Galaxy S4 users can easily download this application in Google Play store.  
·           Tango and Viber apps for Galaxy S4: Tango & Viber application for Samsung Galaxy S4, its cools while hearing. Tango apps is same as WhatsApp messenger, in this you can play game with friends, free calling facilities. Viber application for Samsung Galaxy S4, Viber enables user to make free calls to another Viber user with free of cost (including international calls too).
·         Skype application for free video calling for Galaxy S4: Skype for Samsung Galaxy S4, this apps helps to video calling facilities to another Skype users. There is no much to explain about this apps because many users already using this application.
·         Temple Run 1 & 2 game for Galaxy S4: Temple Run game for Samsung Galaxy S4, Temple Run 1 as well as newly released temple run 2 wonderful game make handset into play station. I guarantee every Samsung galaxy S4 users will definitely download Temple Run 2 from Google Play store, because this game add more enjoyment.
·          NexGtv application for Samsung Galaxy S4: This application doesn’t provide any free chatting, sharing or gaming features. NexGtv gives you many online TV channel. You can watch cricket match, music or any other programmes (some paid channel also included).
Finally WhatsApp messenger, Viber, Tango, Skype Temple Run 1& 2 game, NexGtv application can easily download to Samsung galaxy S4 through Google Play Store.     

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